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Bangos Family Apiaries

Our Mission is to protect and promote the prosperity of honey bees in the Space Coast community and beyond by providing quality, locally-bred, queen bees to commercial and backyard beekeepers. All Greeks Bees products are made with care using the same quality centric approach.


Greeks Bees is our family beekeeping business that started in 2019. Once we started beekeeping we knew right away that it would become our family legacy. From the very beginning our family was passionate about beekeeping. We strive to learn about our bees everyday, and how we can help the population grow. Currently we have 6 apiaries spanning Northern and Southern Brevard county, and we also have a queen breeding operation in Northern Brevard county. Our goal is to provide high quality products, and bees so we can grow our local honey bee community! One thing that we have always had in our lives is our Greek-American heritage. It all started when Maria immigrated from Greece to America in the 1950's. That laid groundwork for our family to grow in America, but we have always taken pride in our Greek culture. It is the fabric in which our family has been woven, and our bees are a part of the family! 

Sustainable & Organic

We strive to be as sustainable as possible with our products and practices. All of our bee products are organic, because we believe nature provides the best! We take pride in managing our bee products with minimal filtration, and with no artificial additives.

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